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Would you like to learn Web Programming in only three weeks? Would you like to change your life for good? Can you see your future self at your favorite cafe, working on your laptop, worrying about nothing? Feel free to imagine living a meaningful life and enjoying your Freedom. Because nowadays it is possible. It could not be a better moment for a change.

  • Build great Software and Influence people
  • Work from anywhere and take control of your life
  • Start Investing in your Knowledge and Skills
  • Change your Career and Secure a Job once for good
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Ruby Course


My name is Dusan, and I am also known as netoff. I have more than 15 years of experience as a Software Engineer, and I am the ruby school Course's author. I believe anybody can learn Programming. You only need to follow some simple rules.

Why this is a Premium Course

Not only do you get access to the Course materials. You get unlimited access to my time and one-on-one Coaching. I can guide you through the process. I've been there, and I know what it takes to become a Programmer. It is not a simple task, but you will have me by your side.

I can help you with the lessons or with your Web project. I can help you create your CV and find your first Job. I can prepare you for the technical Interview. I can support you in Launching your own SaaS Business. I can Pair Program and help debug your code. Once you get a job or start your own Business, I will be there to assist you even further. I can answer any of your technical questions.

It is Interactive and Web-based

All the Course exercises are performed directly in the Web Browser—nothing to install on your computer. You only need a laptop and Internet connectivity. It is a full-blown Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The same one you would use at your work or for your project. Setting up a Development Environment can be a painful process; I already took care of this for you.

Three weeks only

The Course consists of eleven different classes, and every lesson takes about 1.5 hours to complete. You can do four of them a week and complete the entire Course in three weeks. You do not have to spend eternity learning different technologies. After completing this Course, you will be able to create a Website on your own.

Empowered by Ruby on Rails

Why Ruby on Rails®

Ruby on Rails® is a Web Programming framework that helps developers create web applications easily and quickly. Rails is written in the Ruby programming language, and it is made up of several different libraries and tools.

There are multiple rationales for choosing Ruby on Rails®. The ten most important reasons are:

  1. Easy to use Matz, the author of Ruby language, created Ruby for humans, not computers. It emphasizes Programmer happiness and convenience.

  2. Productive Ruby and Rails are hyper-productivity tools. They enable Programmers to build fully functional products in record time.

  3. Desirable Ruby and Rails are in very high demand. Not only when it comes to maintaining legacy projects. It is usually the first preference for people starting new Web projects and new SaaS Businesses.

  4. SaaS friendly If you decide to start your own Web Business, Ruby on Rails would be your best choice.

  5. No JavaScript Rails is the only present-day Framework that enables you to build a modern, single-page Web application with minimal or no-at-all use of JavaScript, using Hotwire technology.

  6. Intuitive Ruby and Rails favor simplicity and well-known conventions. Using Ruby, you would feel at home, and everything would feel natural.

  7. Prestigious Rails is a tool of prestige, so not only can you get a well-paid job, but you will join a circle of well-respected people that do things the right Way.

  8. Comprehensive Doing your Job with Rails is usually doing less work. Rails have a very comprehensive library of the most used features for Web Programming.

  9. Well Supported Both Ruby and Rails are very well supported and well documented, so you will find many examples on the Internet for whatever you might need.

  10. I use it I've built this Course and many other websites using Ruby on Rails.

Profitable Career


It costs $899 only for the Course and my Coaching.

If I tell you that the lower hourly rate for Rails programmers is $50, you can quickly figure out this is a good deal. You can get a return on your investment first couple of days at your new Job.

  • Free Web-based Editor You get lifetime access to all the Course materials and lifetime access to the Web-based Editor for FREE. You can keep using it after you finish your Course.

  • Free Support and Consultations You get access to this interactive Course and fully Web-based Programming Environment, but you also get free Email support. You have access to an unlimited number of 15 minutes live Video Consultations whenever you need them. You will have access to free consultations after you finish the Course.

  • 30 days Money back guarantee The Course is entirely risk-free for you, and if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back within 30 days. No questions asked!

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